What to do if your soliom CCTV camera is not working at night?


When you will purchase a camera you will need technical backup so in case of urgency please call us on +1818-334-2386. The solemn outdoor wireless cameras come with a lot of premium facilities which also included HD night vision. But like every digitally advanced device soliom CCTV camera also face a problem such as CCTV Camera Working at Night In this article, we are going to enlighten you with the step by step guide that could solve this problem.

 The main reason behind this problem is the loss of connectivity and power so whenever you come across this challenge you must first check that whether the camera is receiving the accurate amount of power supply and internet connection or not?  To check with the power supply you could simply check whether the camera is showing a red LED light or not? if the lights are on then the camera is having the required power supply.  Also to check the internet connectivity you can simply search of the internet on your smartphone. If all these things do not work effectively for your problem please connect to the soliom customer support team through email or contact number.


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