How do Soliom Solar camera stream on VLC media player?

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To connect your incredible Solar Doorbell Camera with the VLC media player you have to accurately follow the below written steps and then by the end of the content you will be easily connecting with VLC:

      You can start by opening the web interface of your Soliom Camera and then you have to login to the portal with your given username and password.

      After that you can go to the start button of your system and search for the VLC media player and double click over it.

      Once you do that it will open by popping up on the screen of your system after which you will have to check the toolbar for media.

      Then you can click on it and then click on network there you will find a space for pasting URL.

      After that you need to copy the web interface url of your camera and paste it in the VLC window.

      Once you do it, the system will automatrically ask you to login and after that you can click on the play button to complete the process.


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