How to set up the date and time in foscam cameras?

Setting up the correct date and time is one of the most important jobs when installing your property's foscam camera. These date and time settings will help in the future while searching for a particular recording from the foscam cloud account.


So, whenever you are going to install the camera in your place or after every factory reset, you can follow the below-written steps to re-correct the date and time foscam settings.


      You can start by opening the foscam web UI on your system; after that, you need to log in with the correct credentials.

      Once you are opening the foscam web UI successfully, you will have to follow the chronology of setup>system>general and then click on the 'date and time' tab.

      Next, you need to sync your device with the current server. And it will automatically show the current date and time according to your location.

      Please select the save button with every necessary change that you have made before exiting the window to update the changes successfully.


For more such crucial information, contact us or visit the live chat section of foscam for instant resolution.





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