What to do if Soliom Camera keeps saying ‘Unable to Pair’?

With soliom security cameras you will also require the cctv camera flickering problem services so in case you need any such assistance you simply need to cxall us on 1 818 334 2386. There are a variety of trouble when it comes to digitally advanced devices and specially when you are dealing with branded products you are accompanied with technical backup everytime who are capable or solving any old or new troubleshoot. I this particular article we are going to talk about, Searches for cctv camera problem and solution


      Always remember that the soliom solar cameras are specifically designed in a way that it will only run when the wifi network is 2.4GHz. So, please first check that the frequency of your wifi network is appropriate for the device or not?

      If the network is perfectly fine and the power supply to the router and device is undisturbed then you certainly need to factory reset the device.

      To do so you need to find the factory reset button in the back of your soliom solar camera and press is for 20 seconds until the led light color chances.

      Once the color changes the reset process starts and within next few second the device and mobile application will forget the old settings.

      After that you need to open the app and recorrect the netwoprk settings and connect to the required wifi connection with correct password.




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