What will happen if the foscam camera will not connect to Wi-Fi?


Nowadays, everyone is fond of wireless security cameras, and this is precisely why foscam wireless security cameras are the best seller of our brand.


Both wirelesses, as well as wired cameras, demand intense internet speed as well as a minimum frequency to run the camera. If the foscam camera does not connect to Wi-Fi, you are going to face the below-written problems.


      Only a few cameras can work locally without an internet connection for a while, and unfortunately, foscam cannot work without an internet connection.

      If the internet connection is slow or interrupted in that case, there will be several other technical errors like black screen, no sound, technical glitch, loss of live stream, and many more.


Basically, you are completely screwed if the foscam camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi. If you are stuck in such a scenario, you have to perform the troubleshooting step to get out of it and enjoy the maximum benefit of the security camera.


Here is 'what to do if a foscam camera is having connectivity error?' For more such crucial information, contact us now or visit the live chat section of Foscam.


Website: https://foscam-support.com/


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