Why is my soliom Wi-Fi camera not working?

In case you need any kind of technical support please remember this number +1-818-334-2386 for instant help. Security cameras come with a lot of pros and cons, one such con will make you ask ‘Why is my soliom Wi-Fi camera not working?


The most common reason behind this technical error is the weak Wi-Fi connection or power supply. It is quite rare that the software or hardware damage is the reason behind your Wi-Fi Camera stopped working. So Whenever you feel like this problem is bothering you a lot with your soliom Wi-Fi camera then you certainly need to resolve it with the following steps:


      Always first have a clean look on the power supply and battery backup of the camera as this will ensure that there is no default with the supply of electricity.

       Next your should try finding that your Wi-Fi network frequency is weak or strong also please ensure that the network is available as per the requirement of the camera.

       In case there is any kind of hardware or software default in the  router or device you simply need to connect with the professionals and book than for your assistance.


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