Why is Soliom CCTV camera showing a black screen?

We know it is quite irritating that after investing such a healthy amount with our cameras you are still facing some kind of technical issue but we are sure you that we are here to help you and there is no certain camera that does not face unfortunate technical errors!! So please call us on our soliom troubleshooting service number which is 1818 334 2386.


In this particular article, we are going to unfold every single reason which can be responsible for the error CCTV camera showing a black screen. Each of the reason will also come with an instant resolution which you can perform accurately to get rid of the problem.


       The first reason behind it is the loss of internet connectivity so here you can just ensure the connection of internet by checking that the router is connected to the power supply and also you can check the speed by using the internet speed calculator available on Google.

       The next reason could be climate issues so far that you need to wait and make sure that the power supply to both the device and router is properly intact.

       After that, the next reason could be late updating and for this issue, you certainly need to check that the Soliom Solar mobile application and device is having the latest update version or not? If the answer is no then please update it as soon as possible.

       The next reason could be a malfunction of wires so in that case, you need to check that every connected wire is in a good connection or not and the resolution for this problem is that you need to call the electrician to solve the issue.

       The last reason for black screen could be any default with your hardware or software and it has two solid resolution which is one is the factory reset process and the other one is calling the professionals.


Now you have all the reason and resolution which can help you to fight this particular black screen error all you need to do is now follow the steps accurately and get rid of the problem as soon as possible!!


Website: https://soliom-support.com/soliom-doorbell-setup/



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