How can you do audio settings in Foscam E1 cameras?


Your Foscam E1 camera would require quick maintenance to perform the full premium service claimed over its official site.

Whenever you purchase the foscam camera, it might ask you for foscam audio settings either after any malfunction or insulation.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for Foscam E1 audio settings adjustments:

      The first step you need to take for the adjustment is to log in into foscam Web UI. Here you need also to make sure that the IP address matches your Foscam E1 camera.

      After that, you should check this setup setting and then visit the camera settings for audio.

      Once you are in the audio window, you will find different modes to change according to your preferences.

      After performing the required changes, please click the save button so that everything is saved security with your system and camera for future reference.

So this is how you can make the required adjustment in your Foscam E1 cameras. Please keep in touch with us from the live chat facility of foscam for more such interesting information.



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