How to avoid pink images of foscam recording?

Sometimes your foscam camera is going to picture the entire area in pink, which means the visibility is going to be hampered in foscam recordings.

Here is how you can fix the situation:

      Open the foscam application and visit the setting section.

      There you will get the option of IR lights that are needed to be turned off.

      If the problem is still there, you must follow the camera's power cycle by disconnecting and reconnecting with the power supply system.

      They may be IR-CUT blocked inside your camera for temporary purposes. In such scenarios, you just need to take a magnet and sweep it over the camera lens.

These are the step-by-step how to the error of foscam Pink image. For more such foscam troubleshooting steps, you can visit the official site of Foscam or directly contact us in the 'live chat' section here.



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