How to fix Soliom Audio Problems?

Soliom Security cameras could help you record any wrongdoing without any fail. But when it comes to camera recordings, the most crucial part is played by the audio.

Thus, it is essential to maintain an excellent working condition of Soliom camera audio settings. So here is what you can do to make any Soliom Audio Problems.


      Please open the Soliom web UI and login with the correct user id and password. Also please make sure that the IP address for login is matching with your camera.

      Once you log in correctly, you have to find the setup option, leading you to the camera and audio settings.

      The audio settings will have Many options like enable, encode mode, sampling frequency, audio in the device, noise filter, and microphone volume. You can make the required changes in all those options to fix your technical error with Soliom audio.

      The last step is to click on the Save button before closing the window.

For more such knowledge you can visit the live chat section of the Soliom right now.



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