What to do if Foscam HT2 Is Showing Horizontal Lines In Its Videos?


We are here to provide you with hurdle free foscam troubleshooting service that will help you enjoy the best performance of our camera. Foscam also believes in maintaining customer satisfaction lifelong because this is the only way to ensure his business's success.


In this particular foscam online support +1 (800) 530-9572 webpage, we are also fixing one technical error that is very common with Foscam HT2 security cameras.


So without wasting any more time here are the steps that you must follow if you are Foscam HT2 is showing horizontal lines in its videos:



      The first step as the initial process of foscam troubleshooting here is to check the camera's power supply sources.

      Next, you need to check that there is no error with the internet connectivity and the weather is also normal.

      A soft reset could also health, and for that, you need to disconnect the camera from the power supply and reconnect it after a few minutes.


If all the above steps do not make any sense for your troubleshooting process, please make sure that you made a quick call on our toll-free number.


Our skilled isn't always ready to help you with the best possible resolution of this flickering video issue.


Website: https://foscam-support.com/foscam-camera/


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