What to do if the Foscam outdoor camera is not recording video?

Foscam outdoor security camera is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the security of both professional and personal properties. Whenever you are going to purchase it or if you already have it, there are going to be some technical ups and downs that might be quite exhausting for you!!


So here in this Foscam troubleshooting +1 (800) 530-9572 site, we are helping you to resolve one such standard error of the Foscam outdoor camera not recording videos:


      Please ensure that the internet connection and power supply to your camera is ideally on point because one single mistake with both the power sources could end up providing unsatisfied camera performance.

      If there is any kind of trouble with the internet or power supply, you must call the respective vendor and ask them to help with the troubleshooting.

      Next, you need to update your camera with the latest firmware, and to do that, you have to open the Foscam app and check the device option settings for the update.

      After updating, make sure that you restart the camera for better performance.


If you are still having the same trouble, then the reason behind it could be e anything more serious which needs only professional assistance. And for that, you can contact us anytime for Foscam support services on the live chat section here.


Website: https://foscam-support.com/how-to-view-foscam-camera-on-pc/


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