What to do if the soliom outdoor solar security camera is showing connectivity error?


If you are here in search of soliom technical support +1-800 856-3745 , then you just landed on the right website. We are here to provide you with accurate information and troubleshooting services so that you do not face any problem alone for a long time.


Here is what you must do if your soliom camera is showing a connectivity error or it is not easily connecting to your desired Wi-Fi:


      Check whether the Wi-Fi network is having no interruption and see that the internet speed is perfectly working for your camera.

      After this process, you need to perform a soft reset of the soliom camera and, after that, wait for new minutes to see the result.

      Next, you have to also see that there is no blockage for the connection to your camera.

      If none of this is helping, please visit the live chat section to contact our employees and take one-on-one advice from them.


You can also contact us on our technical support number so that our employees could reach you out with the best possible resolution within the given deadline.


Website: https://soliom-support.com/soliom-outdoor-camera/


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